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08 January 2012

oDesk Adobe Photoshop CS3 Answers

# Which of the Saving commands is available for an image that is managed by a Version Cue Workspace?

Check In

#Which option will you choose to select all layers of a similar type?

All of the above

# Which of the following Filters cannot be applied to a Smart Object?

Pattern Maker

#With which of the given options does the Signal Strength Meter appear?

It appears when you choose 'merge to hdr command'

#Channels can not be added to which of the following image modes?


# Which among the following Modes does not support layers?

All of the above

# Which of the following is not true about Filters?

None of the above

# Which of the following is not true about the Curves dialog box?

The Curves dialog box lets you adjust up to 14 different points throughout an image's tonal range

#Which of the following Slices is created with the Slice Tool?

User slices

#Which of the following features is supported by the EPS file format?

It supports the Grayscale and Bitmap color modes

#Which among the following blending modes is available only for the Apply Image and Calculations commands?

Both a and b

# What is the use of the Make Work Path command in the Paths palette ?

It can alter the shape of a selection

# Which type of information is not displayed by the Info Palette?

It does not display the opacity of the current layer

# Which among the following is not a right option for selecting a web-safe color from the Color Palette?

Choose Current Color from the Color Palette Menu

# Anti-aliasing option is available for which of the given Tools?

All of the above

#Which of the following options displays the Spot Channels in the Channels palette?


#What happens when Use Legacy is selected as shown in the given picture?

It is used to apply proportionate (nonlinear) adjustments to image pixels

# Which option will you select to open the Levels dialog box?

Choose Image > Adjustments > Levels

#Which type of images are resolution-dependent?

Vector images

# Which Liquify Tool is used to reconstruct a part of a distorted image?


# In which Format will you save your file to preserve the Alpha channels?

All of the above

# Which of the following is not a kind of text type?

Line type

#Which option will you select to convert Types to Shapes?

Both b and c

# The mask created by the Replace Color command is permanent.


#Which of the following Layer properties can be animated?

All of the above

# Which View will you choose to display a Histogram with no controls or statistics?

All of the above

#Which of the given options displays left indent in the Paragraph palette?


#Which keyboard shortcut (windows) will you choose to group Layers?

Control + G

#Which among the following QuickTime Video formats is supported by Photoshop extended?


#The Rotate Canvas command does not work on which of the following

All of the above

#When will the Dynamic shortcuts appear in the Character Palette Menu as shown in the picture?

All of the above

# Hanging Punctuation controls the alignment of the punctuation marks for a specific paragraph.


#Which of the following is not a Color Adjustment command?

Adjustment command

# By default, Masks applied to Smart objects are linked to Smart object layers. .


#Changing units on the Info Palette automatically changes the units on Rulers.


# A working space is an intermediate color space used to define and edit color in Adobe applications.


# Which option will you select to remove the existing profile from the document in the given image?


# You cannot change the order of the Vector masks or working paths in the Paths palette.


#The Color Replacement Tool does not work in which of the following Image modes?

All of the above

# In which of the following Modes can you draw while working with the Shape or Pen tools?

All of the above

#The Out Of Gamut option works only on RGB and Lab images


#Which keyboard shortcut (windows) will you choose to close a Path?

None of the above

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